5/31 – Jealousy was an Opportunity

**Please note, this blog project is about lessons I’ve learned and my growth. If you have an inkling of who the other woman is, please refrain from mentioning her at all. 


There was a summer when Megan was working extremely hard as an administrator for her school. Her work became her life, with every waking moment attending to her duties to her job. That left very little time for to spend with her husband. She would only see me a few minutes a day, and during those times she was exhausted from stress. Normally, my wife keeps much of her emotional dialogue to herself and communication has been learned over time. This distance led to some marital conflict as the following story illustrates. Continue reading “5/31 – Jealousy was an Opportunity”


4/31 – Love is a Verb

There are so many books and buzzfeed articles on love and relationships and stuff that I’m not even gonna try to one up them. This will be a long post, and hopefully a fun one. Long because there’s going to be lots of multimedia and fun because — Megan and I are fun. I’ll just speak from my experiences in my marriage with Megan, starting with some help from The Oatmeal.  Continue reading “4/31 – Love is a Verb”