6/31 – Apologize like an Adult

An apology is a very emotional mature state of development that I feel not many people are at. I don’t want to say I’m the best at it, but I try my best and I expect that of others. I make sure I teach my 5 and 9 year old nieces and 11 year old nephew to practice how to apologize to each other. Continue reading “6/31 – Apologize like an Adult”


4/31 – Love is a Verb

There are so many books and buzzfeed articles on love and relationships and stuff that I’m not even gonna try to one up them. This will be a long post, and hopefully a fun one. Long because there’s going to be lots of multimedia and fun because — Megan and I are fun. I’ll just speak from my experiences in my marriage with Megan, starting with some help from The Oatmeal.  Continue reading “4/31 – Love is a Verb”

2/31 In All Relationships, Communicate

**Note, I use the term my mother, not our mother just out of sheer habit. My mother said someday she and my father will go kapootz, and all we’ll have is each other.

This post is for my little brother. I am proud of him and the intelligent man he has become. He was a skinny kid. The good kid. My mother’s favorite. He’s still a skinny kid. He’s still a good kid. But who am I kidding? I’ve always been and still is my mother’s favorite! In my opinion, these are all facts 🙂

Growing up, I hated my brother. I would beat him up in fury and rage while my mother would always come to his defense. Life was unfair as the first child of an immigrant mother who would use harsh discipline on me, and not him. He was a smart kid who didn’t cause trouble like I did. I remember confiding to an adult in high school, Ms Rustom, and she told me someday I  would understand the bond of a brother. I told her she lied. But today, I can see her truth.

I think my brother and I have a great relationship. It’s because we communicate with each other and for each other.  Continue reading “2/31 In All Relationships, Communicate”